Diabetes essentials

A woman at a table with medication and a notebook
Use this resource to develop your fundamental knowledge of diabetes mellitus in adults in order to promote safe, competent and compassionate care for people living with diabetes.


Available to everyone

Who is this resource for?

This resource is aimed at nurses and nursing support workers across all settings and levels of practice, including students of health, social work and care professions.

What will this resource give me?

  • the core concepts of diabetes, including the different types
  • signs and symptoms, diagnosis and current treatments
  • prevention, treatment and self-management of diabetes
  • lifestyle and nutrition
  • information on medication options
  • wellbeing, mental health and self-management
  • insulin therapies
  • testing and monitoring blood glucose levels
  • short and long-term diabetes complications
  • diabetes and acute illness
  • COVID-19 and diabetes management
  • healthcare professionals – roles and responsibilities
  • case studies to relate your learning to practice
  • access to further related resources and guidance.

Resource last reviewed

1 Feb 2024

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