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Expand your knowledge about immunisation and the role of nurses in advising and promoting immunisation. Information includes childhood programmes and those recommended for adults, travel vaccines, the annual flu jab and COVID-19 vaccine.


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Who is this resource for?

This resource is aimed at nurses across all settings and levels of practice, including students of health, social work and care professions.

What will this resource give me?

  • Information on immunisation as critical element of preventative care
  • access to the latest immunisation policy for the UK
  • role of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation in advising UK health departments.
  • country-specific guidance on immunisations
  • latest guidance on COVID-19 vaccinations
  • practical and clinical guidance for vaccine administration
  • information on routine infant primary immunisations, the current influenza vaccination season, HPV vaccine universal programme and BCG programme
  • video on testing infants born to mothers with hepatitis B
  • access to a range of useful websites and resources.

Resource last reviewed

21 Aug 2022

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