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Ophthalmic conditions and treatment pathways

Man having an eye test

Watch a series of short videos, developed by the RCN Ophthalmic Nursing Forum (ONF), which discuss a range of ophthalmic conditions, including adnexal, glaucoma, vitreo-retinal and ophthalmic emergencies.


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Who is this resource for?

This video is aimed at nurses, nursing associates and allied health professionals with an interest in ophthalmology and the role of the specialist nurses who work in this area.

What will this resource give me? 

  • information on adnexal conditions and treatment pathways
  • understanding of how various ophthalmic conditions are diagnosed and monitored  
  • information on vitreo-retinal conditions and treatment pathways
  • insight into the role of specialist nurses within ophthalmology
  • how to recognise the specific needs of patients who are being treated with medication and/or lasers
  • information on medical retina conditions and treatment pathways
  • how to identity ophthalmic emergencies or routine referrals.

Date updated

30 Aug 2023

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