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Explore the topic of urogynaecology, which is a sub speciality of gynaecology, and provides assessment, investigations and treatment for women with urinary incontinence, vaginal prolapse, recurrent urinary tract infections and more. 


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Who is this resource for?

This resource is aimed at nurses and nursing support workers across all settings and levels of practice, including students of health, social work and care professions.

What will this resource give me?

  • overview on what conditions urogynaecology covers
  • information on vaginal prolapse
  • the two main types of urinary incontinence 
  • overview of the menopause and pelvic floor symptoms
  • where women with pelvic floor dysfunction should seek help
  • bladder and bowel care advice and information 
  • the role of nurses in urogynaecology
  • career pathway into urogynaecology.

Date updated

10 Aug 2022

Resource lead

Carmel Bagness

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